About the tournament

2016 is the year when the first Ultimate Frisbee tournament for Estonian ICT companies took place. The tournament has been a success for 3 years and we are happy to organize tournament in 2019 also.

Ultimate Frisbee is an innovative team sport played with a flying disc. Its rules are similar to handball and football, as well as american football. Fair play ideas are highly valued, as well as honorable communication with opponents and keeping physical contact minimal. 

Up to 16 teams can participate at the tournament. Companies that are active in the ICT sector are preferred, but in case of free spots, all other teams are also welcome.

Venue and schedule:

The tournament will take place on 16 June 2019 starting at 11:00 at Maarjamäe Stadium, Tallinn. The end time depends on the number of teams. The size of the field is approximately 30×60 meters and parallel games are played at 2 fields.


There are 5-12 people from the same company in the same team. However, two companies can also register a joint team.  An organization can register more than one team and both men and women are welcome. Each team must have at least one female player (no need to participate in all points/games). It is recommended to wear a team uniform, but it´s not obligatory.

There are 5 players on the field at the same time. The changes can be done after every point or in case of injury.


To register, send an e-mail including the team contact person at ultimate@iglu.ee before 31. May.
Please also include the details required for invoice (company name, registration number and address) in the e-mail.

Participation fee:

Participation fee per team is 120 euros, which includes food as well. Following the receipt of your registration, an invoice shall be issued and sent to the given e-mail address.

Knowing the rules:

It´s recommended to know the basic rules of Ultimate. If interested, it´s possible to organize a demo training with the organizers to get the basic overview of the game.


Three best teams will get a prize. In addition, a special prize (Spirit of the Game) will be given.


WFDF approved 175g disc will be used at the tournament, eg Discraft Ultrastar or Eurodisc Ultimate Standard.